George W. Bush Jr.

George W. Bush Jr.
43rd U.S. President (1946-)

George W. Bush Jr
George Walker Bush Jr. received a bachelor’s degree at Yale and an MBA at Harvard, and served as a pilot in the Air National Guard.

During his career in the oil and gas industry, Bush earned a reputation as a heavy drinker and was responsible for numerous business failures. Later he worked on his father’s presidential campaign and became managing partner of the Texas Rangers baseball club. He gave up drink and turned his life around.

He was twice elected governor of Texas. Then, in 2000, his brand of “compassionate conservatism” saw him win a disputed presidential election.



George W. Bush Jr. Handwriting

George W. Bush Jr. Handwriting

George W. Bush Jr. Personality overview as per his handwriting analysis report

Bush’s handwriting is fast and highly simplified in a fairly organized writing field. There is some extravagance, as seen in the wide margins and extra-wide word spacing. Also, many indefinite forms lead to illegibility. While his intelligence is obvious, this is someone who takes the easy route wherever possible, rushing ahead without fully considering the outcome. The tall upper loops signify pride in his achievements, yet, interestingly, his personal pronoun, /, is incomplete. The lower loop, representing the father figure, is missing, so Bush does not feel his father was there for him as he was growing up.

George W. Bush Jr.Relationships

There is an affable, congenial flow in the thready forms and rightward slant. However, the wide spaces between words and the illegibility tell another story. Bush keeps much to himself and reveals little of his personal side. The signature is quite illegible (as well as being very similar to his father’s), which indicates a need for privacy.

George W. Bush Jr. Intellectual forces
The simplified forms reveal two things— an ability to strip away extraneous details and get down to basics, and a
dislike for detail. Many letters fade out as Bush hurries to get his message down, and there are numerous breaks at inappropriate places. Thoughts are rushing into his head faster than he can express them, and he is too impatient to take the time to clearly explain what he means. He goes with his gut reactions.

George W. Bush Jr. Physical drives
Although the lower-zone forms are somewhat variable, the long length and moderate width suggest strong drives and ambitions. The restless quality of the sample reflects a need for action and adventure, while the baseline is somewhat wavy, making adaptability an important key to Bush’s success. The changeable writing form, from writing to printing and back again, is indicative of potential difficulties he might have in dealing with high-stress situations.

George W. Bush Jr. Motivating forces
The excessively large capital letters in his signature show Bush’s “larger-than-life” self image. He sees himself as a star, yet when we look at the body of the writing there is not a great deal of dynamic energy. Some f-crosses are strong, while others are rather weak. This shows fluctuations in his goal-directedness.

Source: Handwriting of the Famous and infamous by Sheila Lowe

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