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Color Analysis Guide

The colour of the ink you choose to write with can be revealing – far more, perhaps, than you realise. When you choose one particular colour all the time, it can be a signifi­cant guide to your feelings; there are many colours to choose from nowadays, so you can pick one to suit your personality. […]

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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley – American Entertainer (1935-1977) Famed as much for his image and charismatic, overtly sexual performing style, rock and roll singer Elvis Aron Presley changed the face of the popular culture of his day. Presley grew up an only child after his twin brother, Jesse, died at birth. He started out singing church music in […]

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe – American Author, Poet (1809-1849) Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston to parents who were traveling stage actors. Orphaned at two, he was sent to live with the Allans, who gave him his middle name but never adopted him. Poe wrote his first known poem, which was never published, in 1824, and […]

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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – Actress (1926-1962) Norma jean Baker was raised in a series of foster homes. She later became a photographer’s model, which led to a small part in her first movie in 1948. She changed her name and from there her popularity steadily increased until she began to win starring roles in films such as […]

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John Hancock

John Hancock – Revolutionary Leader (1737-1793) John Hancock was born in Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard and went to work for a wealthy uncle. Active in the politics of his day, he served as a selectman and member of the Massachusetts General Court, and, later, as president of the Continental Congress. His birthday is celebrated as […]

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin – English Naturalist (1809-1882) Charles Darwin studied classics, medicine, and theology, but it was not until he took a position as a naturalist on the HMS Beagle in 1831 that he found his true calling. During the voyage, Darwin became certain of the gradual evolution of species. After more than 20 years refining his […]

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie – Polish-born French Scientist (1867-1934) Born Marie Sklodowska, Marie Curie is famous for investigating radioactivity and for twice winning the Nobel prize, once (for physics with Henri Becquerel and her husband, Pierre Curie, in 1903, and then .25 the sole winner of the prize for chemistry in 1911. Both physical chemists, the Curies worked […]

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Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison –  American Inventor (1847-1931) He was born in Milan, Ohio, the youngest of seven children. He was a poor student at school partly due to an undiagnosed hearing problem, yet, as an adult, he became the foremost inventor of his day. Edison was only 10 years old when he set up his […]

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens – British Author (1812-1870) Emotionally scarred as a child when forced into a workhouse after his father was sent to debtor’s prison, Charles Dickens later used that awful experience in some of his most famous literary works, including David Copperfield (1850) and Great Expectations (1861). He began his writing career as a freelance reporter […]

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Princess Diana

Diana Princess of Wales (1961-1997) Diana Spencer was born into the English aristocracy. She grew up to become a nursery school teacher, and in 1981 married Prince Charles. The older of her two sons, William, will eventually become king of England. As Princess of Wales, Diana found herself in largely unwanted, often intrusive limelight, but also […]

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