Graphotherapy is a form of reverse psychology accomplished through handwriting exercises specifically designed to bring about more desirable personality traits. By doing these exercises you are accomplishing a gradual regrooving or retraining of the your subconscious mind.

The underlying principal of thought may be explained this way. If your thoughts and emotions which transmitted through your motor reflex muscles help shape the size, form and pressure of your script then it is natural to assume they are interlinked with the mind.

Therefore it is also reasonable to conclude that graphotherapy has been clinically proven that the change of one would automatically cause a change in the other and, if the desired changes are practiced long enough it becomes a permanent benefit. A permanent personality change.

Using Graphotherapy and changing the handwriting people have changed their lives that resulted in better marriages, better child-parent relationships, and reduced insecurity and low confidence. The benefits of handwriting exercises in graphotherapy have consistently amazed those who completed the exercise courses. Problems of shyness, depression, suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, severe introversion, insecurity, low ego, and low self confidence, as well as mental confusion have been helped or in some cases completely corrected.

The need to change negative unwanted habits is wide spread. And alternative solutions at the present time are almost nonexistent. Fear is at the root of practically all psychological problems and confidence and self belief are replacements. Therefore bold, good size, and confident script with firm base lines and even spacing are basic to all handwriting exercises in graphotherapy.

Introversion is wide spread, especially among young people, yet it is very difficult to deal with especially in adults. The reason is simple, most adults who are introverted tend to disbelieve they are. These persons introversion shows by their left slanting, closed ovals, left swinging finals, medium or small pinched writing, and indistinct or unclear letter forms.

Treatment for introversion includes giving such persons some kind of reason acceptable to them for enlarging their handwriting in their graphotherapy work book, and then correcting their slant by forcing a change to a slight right slant. Introversion is nothing more then a substitute for the word fear and to eliminate fear you must build confidence.

Parents can make changes in their children’s handwriting if they see signs of unwanted traits or characteristics. During the early formative stages changes can be done very easily by graphotherapy. It is difficult in the beginning to change their slant. Let them know this and expect it. There should be some suitable reward for accomplishing it. By correcting it early however the parent or instructor will save this child many heartaches. Also educational efforts will benefit greatly. Childhood is the opportune time to deal with introversion. Otherwise it can be accomplished only after severe emotional suffering.

Why is it so important to change bad writing. Not just for better emotional health, but for physical health. Left slants, introverts for instance are much more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol. Such writers are over involved in self as shown by “t”-bar very low on the stems and left leaning script that ends left instead of returning right.

Another sign of the person who may have a tendency to resort to escape such as drugs and alcohol is the writer who makes a “t”-bar like a sagging hammock. A curve that is literally saying I’m so gullible you can sell me any thing.

Remember the word introversion means excessive self interest and the word inhibition means suppression of normally expressed emotions and feelings. Because they can’t let them out such writers tend to bottle up there feelings until the internal pressure forces them to seek some means of escape. Unfortunately alcohol and drugs tend to release those inhibiting inclinations and there for become attractive to such a person.

Counseling anyone suffering from depression graphotherapy would be one of the first treatments to which one should use a graphotherapy work book. It is recommended making such persons writing extremely large with a firm baseline and on an uphill slant.

Introversion is a much more serious problem that generally recognized and graphotherapy by encouraging an enlarged right slant with hard bars on “t”-stems can be a great help. Graphotherapy is not an untested theory. It is a proven psychological treatment. It can be a great help to all who sincerely seek its benefits.